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Why ZINC is way more important than you know!

Zinc For Feeling Invincible

By Luke Rogers

Most of us only think of taking zinc if we are sick with the flu or cold. It’s a programmed response: “coming down with something? then it’s time to take some zinc”. This is great because zinc does help get us better by fortifying our immune system.

However, we would be much better off building up zinc reserves up for full strength and immunity we deserve. Zinc protects us from pathogens (viruses and bacteria). The number one nutrient our white blood cells require is zinc! This makes zinc absolutely the most important nutrient for our immune system and overall health.

Chronic zinc deficiency is linked to, loss of smell, loss of appetite, and poor immunity. It's also linked to chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, all the thyroid disorders, colitis, Crohn’s and even cancer. All of these disorders have one thing is common, they are created by a chronic, long-term, viral infection, hidden in the body (usually starting in the liver).

The reality is we all have viruses and non-beneficial bacteria in our body all of the time-- it’s just a matter of what our levels are, or a matter of degree.

Other Benefits of Zinc

Since Zinc provides physical strength, it can also help your body manage stress.

Zinc is a key nutrient for gut health. Due to it's anti-bug super hero quality, getting zinc reserves up helps keep your gut happy. When your gut is happy then you're happy.

Zinc nourishes our reproductive organs and as with anything that does so it nourishes all the tissues of the body on a very refined level. Taking the right form of zinc supplement will strengthen the weak and make the strong even stronger. (It's well known that male semen contains lots of zinc).

Zinc provides feelings of tranquility and calm to the nervous system. Zinc can greatly help induce a more relaxing night of sleep.

Are you getting enough zinc? Not likely.

Why are we constantly deficient in zinc? Foods don’t have much zinc at all because our soils are depleted. On top of that, our soils are loaded with copper. Excess copper in your body can lower your body’s zinc. Also, zinc gets used up by the body very quickly when under stress.

There’s lots of zinc supplements out there but most of them do a poor job of absorbing completely in the body.

The trick is to take a liquid zinc in the form of zinc sulfate, to experience the full benefit. It is the easiest for the body to absorb and assimilate (travel to where it’s needed).

Any zinc in foods? Not much at all.

There is insignificant levels of zinc in our food supply. Remember our soils which we grow our food are almost completely devoid of zinc. Pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, cashews, chickpeas and other legumes all might have some zinc in them, but not enough to make much of a difference because our bodies are chronically deficient in it. The little zinc that is in foods gets used up right away. Stress burns up zinc.

Get your zinc reserves up! The right kind of zinc supplement.

The most absorbable form of zinc available is called Zinc Sulfate. The body can absorb this kind of zinc in the mouth, where it goes immediately into the lymphatic system and distributes itself to the other deeper areas of the body, like the liver. (Make sure it's a zinc sulfate concentrate, otherwise the low dosage won't make much of a difference).

Zinc Sulfate penetrates deep into the liver. This is critical, because the liver is where low-grade viruses hide and thrive because of people’s zinc deficiencies. If most of the population was not zinc deficient we would not have a low-grade viral (Epstein-Bar, Shingles, and so on) like we do, which has created chronic illness for millions of people.

Zinc picolinate (capsules) is second best is can’t get liquid zinc sulfate.

Having dealt with zinc deficiency myself, I have experienced first hand how much zinc can turn your health condition around. Read more about my healing story here if you like.

Now you Know...

  • Zinc is a bug zapper! Zinc helps to create a stronghold in your body against viruses and bacteria.

  • Zinc is the #1 nutrient for your white blood cells.

  • Zinc is naturally calming to the nervous system.

  • Foods are not a great source of zinc and supplementation is necessary

The best supplement choices.

Liquid Zinc Sulfate

Zinc Picolinate (capsules)


About Me.

Luke is a Certified Nutritional Therapist and Certified in Ayurveda wellness coaching. He is a Medical Medium Protocols Expert, which is his primary modality in his health consulting practice. He has over 7 years of experience of nutritional consulting. Luke specializes in mental health nutrition and reversing Type II Diabetes. He has a bachelor's degree in both Psychology and Community Health Education from Portland State University in Portland, Oregon.

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The basis of the information of this article is from The Medical Medium, Anthony William.

The information on this page is not a substitute for medical care.

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