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About Luke

I have dedicated my life to understanding the healing power of foods and herbs. It's important that you have someone to guide you through Anthony William's knowledge. You can avoid many pitfalls by having guidance from an experienced professional.


My Journey To Wellness

I would still be in a world of pain and confusion if it were not for Anthony William. I started to get sick with colitis in my early twenties, and that's when I started to study nutrition and natural health. I tried all kinds of diets, including the Weston-Price diet, paleo diet, lacto-vegetarian, and Ayurvedic diet but nothing alleviated my pain and symptoms. I read book after book about nutrition and healing. I researched every supplement out there. I listened to hundreds of hours of some of the best experts in functional medicine and nutrition. I became a Certified Nutritional Therapist from the Nutritional Therapy Association. I got a Public Health Degree from Portland State University and became a Certified Health Education Specialist. 


Living in my hometown of Portland, Oregon, I found many healing practitioners to see. However, all the naturopathic doctors, acupuncturists, energy healers, nutritionists, conventional medical doctors,  psychologists, and psychiatrists could not give the answers I needed. They could not tell me the cause of the colitis. I was told by a couple of practitioners that my illness was psychosomatic, a term meaning that the physical symptoms manifest as a result of mental stress or incorrect thinking which only made matters worse.


I learned Transcendental Meditation, or TM, from which I did find great relief from the pain I was experiencing and true peace of mind. During meditation, I would lose all sensation of pain, many times. TM was, and still is, an absolute life-saver because it gives a quiet-subtle awareness of my inner being. TM was healing on many levels for me that is unexplainable.

Several more years went by and when I was not meditating, the uncomfortable pain of colitis would reoccur. During the worst period
, I started to see blood in my stool.  It was more than physical pain though; I experienced crippling anxiety and depression that is unimaginable to most people. On the outside, I looked normal but it was an intense fight to build up the courage to leave the house most days. It was a time of great spiritual growth to say the least.


I found Anthony William in 2014 from a friend on Facebook. When I started reading Anthony's unique posts about the healing powers fruits and vegetables, I resonated deeply with his knowledge. Something clicked inside of me. I went to his website to 'put my name in the hat' to get a consult with him. With over 10,000 people wanting to see him at the time, it was a great act of grace my name was chosen. My dream to finally know the true cause of my chronic illness was coming true. My prayers were being answered.


Then the day finally came that I was on the phone with Anthony William, The Medical Medium. Before I told him anything about my condition, Anthony asked me if I had a rash on my chest. To which I replied, why yes, I do. He could see everything about me.  He explained to me that there is a specific variety of Shingles virus that causes colitis and that is what I had.


A feeling of glowing relief washed over me. After over 12 years of great suffering, and being in the dark about why I had this condition, I finally had answers. I had a genuine path to truly heal. I started feeling much better right away, just knowing the truth.  I began eating lots of bananas (a powerful anti-viral) and papaya - both help heal the gut. I eliminated from my diet all of the "no foods" (Eggs, Dairy, Wheat, Corn, Soy, and Canola) on Anthony's list which feed viruses and bad bacteria, most of which I was already doing. I also started on the supplements he recommended to me, which included Liquid Zinc Sulfate, Hawaiian Spirulina, a special kind of B-12, 5-MHTF (Methyl-folate), and 1500mg of L-Lysine 2x a day. (You find the supplements you need to take for your condition in "Cleanse To Heal," but I recommend booking a consultation with me if you are  new to this knowledge).


I now clearly understand that this specific variety of Shingles virus was creating a neuro-toxin that was damaging the nerves through out my body and also inflaming my colon (colitis). A neuro-toxin is a substance that is destructive to the nervous system and brain. The neuro-toxin created by the virus also creates a brain fog and unexplained depression and sensitive nerves, which can create unnecessary anxiety.


As weeks passed I noticed that my crippling anxiety and depression began to dissolve. My life started to open up more and more. Socially, I felt more relaxed and my communication improved dramatically because I felt more clear mentally. I started to read other people's faces better and was more emotionally in tune what others were experiencing. I was just more present. My spiritual practice improved and I noticed fewer thoughts during my daily meditation practice. Everything was getting better. I was feeling more "normal," and many neuroses just fell away, dissolved, disappeared. My energy levels started to increase dramatically and I started to feel physically like I did in high school, or better.


Now is it my great joy to help others that are dealing with a mystery illness and need clear guidance on their path to healing. My heart truly goes out to those that have been in the dark with their illness for so long. I understand what its like to suffer in that way and can help light the path for you. You may feel overwhelmed with all the information and resources available from The Medical Medium. It is my great honor to give you a custom program for your particular situation to get you confidently moving forward with your healing. Anthony encourages you to go to experts like me that have experience with this knowledge. I have been giving Medical Medium Consultations for over 3 years now. Find out my rates here. Or Contact Me to get started now.



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Meet Luke


"Everyone deserves to have mental clarity, and feel vibrant, and energetic. Feeling full of life is your birth right. I offer clear and simple answers for improved wellness and vitality. After over 17 years studying every nutritional paradigm under the sun, getting a few professional certifications and degrees along the way, I finally found real answers for my own healing. I have also helped heal many others in the process. The answers to health came from Anthony William, The one and only Medical Medium. 


Now I give you a map for health and healing that will soothe your soul, enliven your spirit, and calm your mind. I strictly utilize the healing protocols of Anthony William, The Medical Medium, as they are the most effective in healing chronic illness on the planet.




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