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The Truth about COVID & Health Complications

The Medical Medium's Explanation on COVID

An important excerpt from his latest book

The article excerpt below is from the book "Medical Medium Revised and Expanded Edition: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal" (2021) by Anthony William and will shed light on exactly why people who contracted COVID have reoccurring health problems even after the virus is gone. The excerpt below contains important information that everyone who cares about their health or the health of friends and family should know. You will understand the content of this excerpt much better if you already have an understanding of The Medical Medium information. The reality is that there are low-grade viruses that have been causing a wide range of chronic illnesses for many decades. Dozens of hidden varieties of Epstein-bar, shingles, and other herpetic viruses have been off the radar of convention medicine.


You will learn in this article that COVID is often a quick and effective trigger for underlying viral issues to come to the surface. You will also learn that the COVID virus itself gets WEAKER over time, not stronger. I do recommend purchasing the book to get a comprehensive understanding of how to heal various chronic illnesses.


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Luke Rogers

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Below is an excerpt from "Medical Medium Revised and Expanded Edition: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal" by Anthony William, (pages 48-53), published in March 2021.


Flu and COVID Complications
by Anthony William

I’ve always said that when someone gets the flu, it can lower the immune system, allowing other opportunities for viruses such as EBV to take hold. The flu is an Epstein-Barr virus trigger. That’s why some people seem to bounce back from a bad flu after a few days and other people need months of recovery. COVID is triggering similar problems, on a larger scale.


There are many different strains of the flu. Some are mild, some are more severe. If the same severe flu hits a group of people, the people with preexisting symptoms or conditions (whether they know about them or not) will likely face more difficult recoveries, unless they have the right understanding of the source of those underlying health issues and the right tools to deal with it all. Again, that’s because bad cases of the flu can trigger other existing viruses in someone’s system. EBV and shingles are the two most common viruses to be triggered by a bad flu. Once they’re triggered, viral conditions and symptoms can take hold—ones such as Lyme, CFS, fibromyalgia, brain fog, tingles and numbness throughout the body, weakness of the limbs, depression, and anxiety.

For some people, those symptoms and conditions from EBV or other viruses were preexisting, and the flu trigger either brought them back or brought them on stronger.


For others, these symptoms or conditions from EBV or other viruses were developing inside the body and hadn’t yet surfaced—until the flu trigger. These were people on the cusp of low-grade chronic viral infection. An example is if EBV in your system (that you didn’t know about) was just on the edge of going into its mono phase. Your immune system was already being challenged by the EBV, and then along came a flu bug—all that was needed to set off the EBV. So after your flu, you could now be dealing with your first bout of mononucleosis. You could be struggling with fatigue, brain fog, body pain, or weakness of the limbs on and off for weeks and weeks, long after the flu. Meanwhile, your friend could have gotten the same flu and after 10 days, been back on track with life, not even thinking about it anymore.

COVID, even more instigative as a trigger, works in a similar way: past symptoms that someone has struggled with can easily come back, or newer symptoms can appear from preexisting viruses (such as EBV) that no one knew were already in their body, awaiting a chance to surface. COVID is actually quickening people’s future symptoms and illness.


This is a great source of confusion. Many people think that it’s all because of COVID; they believe that COVID itself is the reason they’re struggling with newfound chronic symptoms. If someone develops breathing issues that become chronic because COVID injured their lungs, then yes, that’s a result of COVID. Someone could also have a slow recovery from COVID if the virus created a very high fever for a long period of time. (More on that in a moment.) These scenarios only describe some cases, though. In truth, the majority of lasting problems that people experience post-COVID aren’t COVID anymore. They’re preexisting or unseen problems that got triggered—chronic symptoms and conditions that someone was already going to develop because of viral activity already present in their body. COVID acted as a trigger for the EBV or other viruses that were in the body, undetected. It brought future symptoms and conditions to someone earlier in life, versus waiting 20-plus years to develop them.


Now let’s compare this to what it can be like to recover from a COVID-related fever. A high, sustained fever can lead to dehydration and severe electrolyte deficiency crisis, in turn leading someone to experience post-COVID brain fatigue for up to about three to six months before feeling back to normal. Or that fever could put an enormous stress on the adrenal glands, which are highly sensitive to heat, weakening the adrenals to the point that they need a good one to three months of recovery. These effects of high fever don’t lead to lots of different symptoms. Someone may just get tired more easily, or feel weaker and have less strength than normal, and it will remedy itself over time. These do not tend to be permanent post-COVID conditions.

In contrast, when COVID triggers an underlying viral condition such as EBV, symptoms can be wider ranging and longer lasting.


Or someone can experience both at once—a slow recovery due to a high, sustained COVID-related fever at the same time as the onset or flare-up of chronic symptoms from an underlying viral condition that COVID triggered.

Both the flu and COVID can create confusion in other ways, too. For example, someone may already be struggling with chronic symptoms long term—for example, fatigue, brain fog, aches and pains, sadness—and may have received multiple diagnoses along the way, whether told the suffering is due to gut problems, fibromyalgia, MS, ocular migraines, RA, Lyme disease, anxiety, or depression. Then, that person may contract the flu or COVID and feel worse, not realizing why. Even a milder form of flu can make these symptoms feel so much worse than they already do. While it may be temporary—just two or three weeks of worse symptoms, possibly, depending on what that person is going through—it can be enough to slow the person down.


Mild strains of the flu are especially disorienting. Symptoms could be as simple as little extra body aches, mild fever, scratchy throat, and headache, and when this happens intermixed with the symptoms someone already has, it can confuse the situation. People may think their preexisting chronic conditions are getting worse, or that they’re doing something wrong, or that their health is going backward, when what’s really happening is that a mild strain of the flu is passing through the body. It’s an easy mistake to make. It usually takes mucus forming and maybe a cough developing for people to realize they may have caught something—that it’s not a normal condition or symptom they’re used to living with intermittently. There are mild flu strains where the mucus and cough never come, so someone never has the realization that it was the flu.

The stomach flu confuses people all the time, too. They get hit with it, they’re vomiting, they can’t eat, and they feel truly lost in that day or two as it’s passing through them. They don’t know if it’s a preexisting condition or if they maybe have food poisoning.

With any flu, you can have the mildest of symptoms, where you just feel a little tired and achy, then it goes away—yet you can pass that flu strain to someone else, and that person can be hit a little harder, especially if the person has preexisting symptoms or conditions.


COVID is very similar. It is not just the one single strain that was started. And COVID is transmissible in the same way the flu is—the same way people pass the flu around in its many strains is how people contract and pass COVID around in its many strains.

COVID is a virus that is alive. It is not an RNA strand that is dead, or fragments of information from the virus itself. That is, COVID is a living virus. The flu is also a living virus. Viruses in the herpetic family are living viruses, including EBV, shingles, cytomegalovirus, simplex, HHV-6, HHV-7, and other known and unknown HHV varieties. These viruses are all alive—and in order for living viruses to stay alive, they need to eat food. Just as EBV feeds on toxic heavy metals such as mercury and other foods, the flu and COVID do the same.


The flu and COVID are manufactured viruses. They’ve been raised in labs, experimented with, tested with, and fed foods to stay alive. COVID and the flu virus compete with each other (although not with herpetic viruses) inside the body. If someone with COVID also contracts a bad flu strain, COVID will increase its strength to battle the flu for survival. The two viruses attach themselves to each other until one of them slowly breaks down and destroys the other. A preventative measure that may be helpful is to eliminate certain foods that can possibly feed the flu or COVID. The leading food is eggs. Eggs are used to grow and raise viruses in the lab. This is just one helpful preventative measure you can take action with. Having eggs in your body system on a daily or weekly basis can help launch a virus such as COVID or even the flu upon first contracting it.


We’re in an age today where viruses don’t just appear. They are manipulated, altered, and sometimes even created through purposely mutating original, natural, docile strains of viruses found in our natural environment. The flu virus and COVID do consume toxic heavy metals such as mercury, but only mercury. Both these viruses do not feast on other toxic heavy metals. This is why people with higher mercury levels and higher viral levels from EBV and shingles causing their symptoms and conditions tend to be more sensitive to COVID. We can umbrella it all as “preexisting conditions,” but it’s more than that—it’s preexisting viruses the person has. Which viruses do they have? Are they also high in toxic heavy metals such as mercury? Taking action and removing toxic heavy metals such as mercury out of the body is another step you can take to help your preventative measures with viruses such as flu or COVID.


It’s important, too, to be proactive in understanding the preexisting virus you have that’s creating the symptoms you live with on a daily basis, because working to overcome your chronic symptoms by killing off viruses such as EBV can make you stronger—more able to take on the flu and COVID we’re up against in today’s world.


This specific original strain of COVID that found its way into people recently was far more aggressive at the very beginning, because it had never entered human beings before. As it passes through the human population, it becomes less aggressive (unless it’s competing with a very aggressive flu strain)—as it goes through millions of people, COVID loses strength because it has to battle the human immune system along the way. Each person’s immune system battles and fights COVID, and over time, as it’s entering more and more people, the virus itself changes and weakens.

That’s the opposite of how viruses such as EBV work. As you read in “Types of Epstein-Barr” earlier in this chapter, as EBV spreads and mutates throughout the years, new groups of EBV develop that become more aggressive. Group 1 was mild and docile. Then as EBV entered more and more people over the decades, it mutated and grew stronger. Newer mutations of EBV are stronger than its past varieties.


COVID, on the other hand, hit the human race hard upon arrival. Over time, it dumbs down as the human immune system shapes it, changes it, and weakens it—meaning that eventually, we aren’t going to be contending with the most aggressive strain. As the years go on, we’ll be contending with a milder form of this current version of COVID. That doesn’t mean that a new variety of COVID won’t enter the population through manufacturing, sticking us back in the same position we’re in with this variety.


For more than 35 years, I’ve been teaching people about viruses. Doctors, professionals in health, countless others—I’ve been teaching them about how viruses work in the body, how we can protect ourselves, and how we can rid viruses to heal and overcome our symptoms and conditions. People tend not to want to know they have viruses until they get sick enough that they have to accept something is wrong. The awareness I’ve brought to viruses throughout the years has resonated the most with these people—the ones who’ve already struggled enough with their symptoms to be ready for the awakening that a virus is behind it.

This new global experience of COVID is awakening the wider health movement to the reality that viruses can be an issue in our health. That’s not good enough. The focus is always going to be off the mark. Talk such as “COVID is not a living virus” is going to spread more and more, as will the theories “Viruses are not alive,” “Viruses don’t eat,” and “The only virus to be concerned about is COVID, and maybe the flu.” We’ll also hear, “When you do contract COVID, it can create long-lasting chronic illness,” without the understanding that the chronic illness comes from preexisting viruses that people already had that medical communities were unaware of. These are just a few examples of how messaging is always going to be off the mark. There’s already been a battle out there where many people didn’t even believe COVID was a problem or a concern. That’s how antiviral we are as a society today—and not antiviral in the helpful way, as in virus protection. We still live in a world where if you can’t see it, then it must not be a problem.


To a globe hard hit by COVID, the pandemic has brought great awareness around viruses to many. You can use this as an opportunity to spread your knowledge. As I said at the beginning of the book, I’ve always taught you the tools for dealing with viruses—from the beginning, I’ve given you information you need to protect yourself and make yourself stronger, so threats like viruses can’t take you down.

Since I was a child, Spirit of Compassion has told me that zinc is a fighting weapon against viruses. One reason is because the world is zinc deficient. It’s not in our food; we’re lacking zinc even in the best organic food we grow. Zinc is an immune system equalizer. It supports it in a way that doesn’t allow the immune system to overreact or underreact. With COVID, our immune system tends to overreact because it’s such a newly released virus. Our bodies see it as a complete stranger, and COVID can react by waging a war, at the same time your immune system can overreact. That’s how it gets truly messy. Zinc can do three things: (1) calm the immune system down, (2) strengthen the immune system, because immune cells feed off zinc, and (3) at the same time, weaken COVID and the flu virus. When zinc weakens COVID, that makes the virus docile and less aggressive. This is a measure that can be very helpful with COVID, the flu, and other viruses that are in the process of being manufactured and will get out of the running gate in future years to come.

Vitamin C is also helpful for viruses such as flu and COVID. It can do two things: (1) feed the immune system and (2) hinder viruses. Vitamin C has an irritating effect upon a virus’s membranes. Higher dosages of vitamin C tend to create little pits and divots within a virus membrane—its outer protective cover and shield—and this helps weaken and thwart the virus.

As you read further in this chapter and the chapters that follow, you’ll find more tools to strengthen your immune system, free yourself from the troublemakers that feed viruses, and rebuild your body. That’s more critical than ever at this time in history.


You carry a special purpose at this point in time. As COVID moves through a lot more people in the coming days and years, it will also continue to act as a trigger for chronic symptoms and conditions. A wave of people who are suffering post-COVID has already begun. People are starting to struggle with the chronic health issues they otherwise would have developed later in life—for example, lasting fatigue, body pain, eye floaters, weakness of the limbs, tingles and numbness, tics and spasms, or migraines. Again, the majority of lasting symptoms are not because of COVID itself. They occur because COVID can act as a trigger, quickening people’s future chronic symptoms and conditions.


And yet people won’t realize these health issues were already waiting for them. They’re going to think their health problems are lasting effects of COVID itself. They’re going to feel lost and powerless and think, I don’t have COVID anymore, so I can’t do anything about it. They’re in the dark and will continue to be in the dark, unless the information here reaches them.


That’s why you play a critical role in history. You understand that when (non-respiratory) symptoms develop and persist long past COVID, the truth is that COVID likely triggered another virus such as EBV or shingles that was already in a person’s system—and that’s usually the real reason for the symptoms. If somebody suffers a Lyme relapse after the flu or COVID, you understand that it’s because EBV or another herpetic virus already present got triggered, bringing back the Lyme symptoms. And you understand that there is something you and others can do to put this behind you and move forward. You can not only protect yourself; you can help other people find this information and figure out what’s wrong so they can protect themselves and their families.


You hold the knowledge to light the way for others.

Source: William, Anthony. Medical Medium Revised and Expanded Edition (pp. 48-53). Hay House.

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