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"Luke's analysis of my health situation was right on. The advice he gave on what to take for my health issues has greatly improved my condition over the past 6 months. His wide knowledge of different systems of healing enables him to give very accurate advice. Plus, his refined sensitivity enables him to evaluate one's health issues accurately. Using fruits and vegetables to heal the body as recommended by Anthony William has made me feel comfortable to continue the menu he prescribed for me to improve my mind and body. Luke has responded to all my questions and thus made this new system of healing easier to follow."

— Kathleen, Fairfield, IA

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  • 15+ Years Nutrition Consulting Experience

  • Medical Medium Protocol Expert

  • Certified Nutritional Therapist

  • Certified Health Education Specialist

  • Certified Maharishi Ayurveda Wellness Consultant

  • B.S. Psychology

  • B.S. Community Health Education

  • Knowledge of healing Arthritis, Diabetes, Auto-Immune, Digestive Issues, MS, Parkinson's, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety, Memory Issues, and more


Luke G Rogers drinking green juice
Luke G Rogers drinking green juice
Meet Luke


"Everyone deserves to have mental clarity, and feel vibrant, and energetic. Feeling full of life is your birthright. I offer clear and simple answers for improved wellness and vitality. After over 20 years studying every nutritional paradigm under the sun, getting 3 professional certifications and a Public Health degree along the way, I finally found real answers for my own healing.  I have also helped heal many others in the process. The answers to health came from Anthony William, The one and only Medical Medium.  Now I give you a clear map for health and healing that will soothe your soul, enliven your spirit, and calm your mind. I strictly utilize the healing protocols of Anthony William, The Medical Medium, as they are truly the most effective methods in healing chronic illness on the planet."


"It's your God given right to heal."

-Anthony William,

The Medical Medium

Mango happiness
Celery Juice Medical Medium
Health Consultation


We will work together to create a practical plan to keep you on track for a more vital, vibrant, energetic, and happier, YOU. I adhere to the healing protocols of Anthony William, the Medical Medium. I'm an expert in this area. These methods work because the information comes from a clean and pure source.  I have also had 2 personal sessions with Anthony, and have 100% confidence in the validity of his healing protocols.

I give Phone, Zoom, and Skype consultations to people all over the world.

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